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Southwest Iowa Calving Clinic on January 23

Southwest Iowa Calving Clinic on January 23

By Andi Anderson

Cattle producers in Southwest Iowa, including 4-H and FFA members, are invited to a specialized calving clinic on January 23 at St. Peters Catholic Church Parish Hall in Defiance. Organized by the Crawford and Shelby ISU extension offices, this educational event promises a hands-on learning experience and expert insights.  

Led by Iowa State University Extension's beef specialist Erika Lundy-Woolfolk, the clinic aims to equip attendees with fundamental knowledge about calving, newborn calf care, and the nutritional needs of cows.  

"The clinic offers a unique learning opportunity by utilizing a life-sized model cow and calf from the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine. Participants will gain hands-on experience in correcting calf positions and addressing dystocia cases," stated Lundy-Woolfolk. "It's a chance to engage with experts, share experiences, and enhance skills among fellow cattle producers."  

Distinguished presenters include Dr. Randie Culbertson, ISU's cow-calf specialist; Dr. Lynn Geoffroy, postdoc research associate with ISU VDPAM; and Dr. Brandi Huddle from the Shelby Vet Clinic in Shelby.  

The session, starting at 6 p.m., spans approximately three hours, featuring classroom-style learning and interactive exercises. Complimentary supper will be provided, courtesy of the Crawford County and Shelby County Cattlemen. To secure your spot and ensure adequate arrangements, preregister by January 19. Contact the Crawford County Extension office at 712-263-4697, the Shelby County Extension office at 712-755-3104, or email Jennifer Sellner in Shelby County.  

For more details, reach out to the Shelby County office or the Crawford County office. 


Photo Credit: istock-simplycreativephotography

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