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Dairy Goat Webinars Set for 2024

Dairy Goat Webinars Set for 2024

By Andi Anderson

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach proudly presents its ongoing dairy goat webinar series in 2024, catering to dairy producers and enthusiasts. Scheduled from noon to 1:15 p.m., these informative sessions aim to deliver crucial insights into various aspects of dairy goat production. 

"This educational initiative underscores the importance of dairy goat farming in Iowa. Our goal is to offer valuable information and practical strategies through seasoned speakers," highlighted Jenn Bentley, an ISU Extension dairy specialist. 

The upcoming webinars cover a spectrum of vital topics, including nutrition strategies, disease management, milk quality enhancement, and biosecurity measures. Each session promises expert guidance and practical takeaways for industry providers and goat producers. 

Here's the schedule for the webinar series: 

  • Jan. 19: Optimizing nutrition for close-up feeding; Andrea Mongini, DVM 
  • Feb. 16: Managing neonatal diarrhea in goat kids; Paul Plummer 
  • March 20: Insights into raising buck kids; Carolyn Ihde 
  • April 19: Leveraging functional assessments for milk quality; Dannie Louie 
  • May 22: Biosecurity essentials for shows and animal health; Rachel Friedrich 
  • Sept. 18: Addressing respiratory diseases in dairy goats; Rachel Friedrich and Amanda Kreuder 
  • Oct. 23: Diagnostics of small ruminant abortion; Alyona Michael 
  • November TBD: Farm management for common small ruminant diseases; Anne Jablinski and Vengai Mavangira 

Participation in the program is free, but registration is mandatory. Secure your spot by registering in advance at the registration link or reach out to Jennifer Bentley, ISU Extension's dairy specialist, via email at or phone at 563-382-2949. 


Photo Credit: pexels-pavel-bondarenko

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