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Iowa Concern - Support for Coping with Tornadoes and Storm Damage

Iowa Concern - Support for Coping with Tornadoes and Storm Damage

By Andi Anderson

In the wake of devastating tornadoes and severe storms that struck Iowa on April 26, residents grappling with the aftermath can turn to Iowa Concern for vital support and assistance. Coordinated by Tammy Jacobs, Iowa Concern, a long-standing service from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, offers comprehensive help to individuals coping with the stress and challenges brought on by natural disasters.

Available 24/7, Iowa Concern provides a lifeline for those in need, offering a range of services to address various aspects of recovery. By calling the toll-free number 800-447-1985, individuals can connect with compassionate professionals who are ready to listen, offer guidance, and provide valuable resources. Whether seeking emotional support, information on legal rights, assistance with financial concerns, or referrals to other resources, Iowans can find the help they need through Iowa Concern.

In addition to phone support, Iowa Concern offers live chat capabilities on their website, ensuring individuals can access help in a manner that suits their preferences. Visitors to the website can engage in one-on-one conversations with stress counselors, providing a secure and confidential environment to discuss their concerns and seek assistance.

Iowa Concern's services extend beyond immediate crisis response. With access to language interpretation services and the option to email experts for guidance on legal, financial, stress, or crisis-related issues, individuals can access personalized support tailored to their specific needs.

For those seeking additional resources and information on disaster and crisis recovery, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach maintains a dedicated website. This platform offers a wealth of research-based educational resources aimed at reducing the personal impact of natural disasters and other crises. Updated regularly with relevant information and assistance, the website serves as a valuable resource for individuals navigating the challenges of recovery.

During times of crisis, ISU Extension and Outreach works collaboratively with local, state, and federal agencies to provide essential support to affected communities. By leveraging their expertise and partnerships, they strive to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources needed to overcome adversity and rebuild their lives.

Iowa Concern stands as a beacon of hope and support for Iowans facing the aftermath of tornadoes and severe storms. With their unwavering commitment to serving the community, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach exemplifies the spirit of resilience and solidarity in times of adversity.

Photo Credit: Iowa State University

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