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Explore Ag innovation on Iowa's farm tour

Explore Ag innovation on Iowa's farm tour

By Andi Anderson

Young farmers can sign up for the Iowa Farm Bureau's Ag Insights Tour, happening on July 11-12. This tour offers a close-up look at various agricultural operations, including everything from distilleries to state-of-the-art farming equipment.

Tour Highlights:

  • Lonely Oak Distillery: Owned by Iowa farmers Pat and Amy Hoffman, this distillery exemplifies the "seed-to-spirit" approach, allowing participants to follow the production of bourbon whiskey and vodka from the initial grain selection to the final bottling process.
  • Elite Octane, LLC: Located near Atlantic, this state-of-the-art ethanol production facility is among the newest in the U.S., capable of producing over 150 million gallons of ethanol annually. Tour goers can see its rapid semi-truck unloading and distillers’ grain loading operations.
  • Lincoln Premium Poultry: Partnering with Costco, this Nebraska-based complex supports the supply of rotisserie chickens and includes a processing facility, hatchery, and feed mill, all supported by local corn farmers. It significantly boosts the local economy, with an estimated annual economic impact of $1.2 billion.
  • CLAAS North America: In Omaha, this facility is known for assembling the LEXION combine, one of the most advanced in the industry, demonstrating high-tech agricultural machinery manufacturing.

Participants will also have networking opportunities at Troy’s Bar and Grill, known for its top-ranking burgers, and explore Old Market Omaha, a vibrant area rich in history and modern attractions.

The tour costs $75 per member or $110 per couple with Iowa Farm Bureau membership. For more information and to register for the 2024 Ag Insights Tour, visit

This tour is an opportunity for young farmers to gain valuable insights into agricultural innovations and consider new strategies to enhance their farming practices.

Photo Credit -iowa-farm-bureau

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