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Corn Growers' Agenda 2024

Corn Growers' Agenda 2024

By Andi Anderson

As we enter 2024, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) anticipates a year filled with challenges and opportunities for corn growers. Reflecting on the successes of 2023, including actions against Mexico's biotech corn ban and advancements in E15 access, the NCGA is poised to continue advocating for corn grower priorities. 

Despite achievements, challenges persist, with a divided Congress posing a significant hurdle for legislative advancements. The current political landscape, marked by a narrow majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, demands strategic efforts to drive legislation forward. 

In response to a notable decline in lawmaking, as reported by a New York Times analysis, the NCGA acknowledges the complexity of navigating legislative processes. With a contentious presidential election looming, challenges are expected to intensify. However, the NCGA expresses confidence in overcoming obstacles, drawing strength from bipartisan support for agricultural issues. 

A pivotal focus for 2024 is the reauthorization of the Farm Bill, wherein the NCGA aims to safeguard crop insurance and advocate for fair access to commodity programs. Building on established relationships with key members of Congress, the association strives to secure bipartisan backing for these priorities. 

Additionally, addressing trade barriers remains a priority, especially concerning the impasse with Mexico over biotech corn and tariff reductions on fertilizers from Morocco. The NCGA emphasizes the importance of eliminating impediments and fostering new markets for corn growers. 

Advocating for ethanol takes center stage as the association emphasizes its role in achieving national climate goals. Amid challenges posed by a shift to an all-electric fleet, the NCGA sees an opportunity to underscore the environmental benefits of ethanol. The association actively supports the Next Generation Fuels Act, aiming to address energy challenges through cleaner fuels and vehicles. 

With an ambitious agenda ahead, the NCGA calls upon corn growers and advocates to join efforts. Signing up for advocacy alerts ensures timely engagement on pending legislation and critical issues. Despite the anticipated difficulties, the NCGA remains optimistic that, with collective support and congressional alliances, advocacy goals for 2024 can be realized.


Photo Credit: national-corn-growers-association

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