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Farm Progress Show Prepares for 2024 Event

Farm Progress Show Prepares for 2024 Event

By Andi Anderson

Excitement is building as preparations kick into high gear for the 2024 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa. The demo fields have already been planted, ensuring that everything is on track for this highly anticipated event.

According to Farm Progress Show Manager Matt Jungmann, meticulous planning is essential to ensure a successful showcase. "That's one of the things that keeps all of us up at night," Jungmann explains. "Making sure that super early corn goes in the ground right on time so that we'd be able to have field demonstrations at the end of August."

Reflecting on past experiences, Jungmann notes the challenges faced in 2022 when the corn wasn't planted until May 19th. However, this year tells a different story. "I got the text at about 11 o'clock on April 12th that all the field demo corn has been planted," Jungmann shares. "So we're in about as good a shape as we can possibly be setting up for the show."

Despite dry conditions in some parts of Iowa, Jungmann remains cautiously optimistic about the situation. While areas like Eastern Iowa are experiencing drought concerns, Boone benefited from being planted into good moisture. "For right now, we're cautiously optimistic when it comes to the drought thing," Jungmann adds.

As preparations continue, anticipation grows for what promises to be an exciting and informative event for the agricultural community. Stay tuned for more updates as the 2024 Farm Progress Show approaches!

Photo Credit: Farm Progress Show

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