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Iowa Crop Progress and Condition Report
Iowa Ag Connection - 09/26/2023

The latest Iowa Crop Progress and Condition Report, released by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service. This report, issued weekly from April through November, provides crucial updates on Iowa's crop conditions and weather conditions during the growing season.

Crop Report:

• Rainfall: A significant portion of Iowa received much-needed rainfall during the reporting period. This rainfall reduced the number of suitable days for fieldwork to 5.3 days during the week. The rain was beneficial for replenishing soil moisture in areas affected by drought.

• Topsoil Moisture: Topsoil moisture conditions were reported as follows: 27 percent very short, 46 percent short, 26 percent adequate, and 1 percent surplus.

• Subsoil Moisture: Subsoil moisture conditions were reported as follows: 35 percent very short, 44 percent short, 20 percent adequate, and 1 percent surplus.

• Corn: Corn maturity reached 83 percent during the week, which was 9 days ahead of last year and 12 days ahead of the 5-year average. Corn harvested for grain reached 9 percent statewide, with moisture content at 21 percent. Corn condition improved slightly to 50 percent rated as good to excellent.

• Soybeans: Soybeans were reported as 95 percent coloring or beyond, roughly 1 week ahead of both last year and the average. Soybeans dropping leaves reached 75 percent, 6 days ahead of last year and 5 days ahead of normal. Soybeans harvested reached 11 percent, 3 days ahead of last year and 1 day ahead of normal. Soybean condition remained steady at 47 percent good to excellent.

• Pasture Condition: Pasture condition was rated as 17 percent good to excellent.

• Livestock: Livestock conditions did not change significantly from the previous week, with concerns about hay shortages for the next year.

Weather Summary:

Provided by Justin Glisan, Ph.D., State Climatologist, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship

The recent reporting period witnessed welcome rainfall across Iowa, with some areas experiencing above-average totals ranging from two to three inches. However, some southeastern stations reported deficits of more than 0.50 inch. Additionally, temperatures remained unseasonably warm throughout the state.

• Rainfall: Iowa experienced beneficial rainfall during the reporting period, with some areas receiving above-normal totals ranging from two to three inches. However, southeast stations reported deficits above 0.50 inch.

• Temperatures: Temperatures during the week were unseasonably warm statewide, with a weekly average of 66.4 degrees, which was 7.2 degrees above normal.

• Weather Events: The week began with pleasant weather, with light winds and highs in the low to mid-70s. Rain and thunderstorms formed in northwestern Iowa, leading to a widespread shield of rain in central to eastern Iowa. Stations reported varying amounts of rainfall, with some areas receiving over two inches.

• Thunderstorms: Thunderstorms persisted in central Iowa, and more than 50 stations reported at least an inch of rain. Rain showers and storms continued into the week, especially in northern and northeastern Iowa.

• Cold Front: A strong cold front moved through Iowa on Saturday, producing severe-warned storms and a strong bowing line across northern Iowa. Rainfall totals varied across the state, with the northwestern half receiving at least 0.50 inch.

• Precipitation Totals: Weekly precipitation totals ranged from 0.02 inch in Burlington to 5.40 inches in Ionia. The statewide weekly average precipitation was 1.09 inches, surpassing the normal average of 0.86 inch.

• Temperature Extremes: The week's high temperature was 89 degrees in Lamoni, 12 degrees above normal, while the low temperature was 37 degrees in Elkader, 10 degrees below normal.

The report highlights the positive impact of the much-needed rainfall on soil moisture and crop conditions in Iowa. Farmers are making progress with corn and soybean harvesting, and weather conditions are expected to remain favorable into early October.

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