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Southeast Research Farm Field Day: Addressing Current Agricultural Challenges
Iowa Ag Connection - 05/23/2023

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, in collaboration with the Southeast Iowa Agricultural Research Association, is organizing the highly anticipated Southeast Research Farm Field Day. Taking place on June 21 at the Iowa State University Southeast Research and Demonstration Farm, this event aims to provide farmers and agricultural businesses in southeastern Iowa with valuable insights into current agricultural issues. The field day, which begins at 1:00 p.m., is open to the public and free to attend.

The Southeast Research Farm Field Day will feature expert extension professionals and highlight the latest advancements in agricultural research. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with specialists and gain knowledge on key topics affecting Iowa's agricultural landscape.

The event's agenda includes sessions on managing tar spot, utilizing UAV and drone technology for pest management, and updates on local research projects. Participants will discover innovative practices to enhance their farming endeavors.

The farm superintendent will provide a research farm update, sharing the latest developments and ongoing projects. A graduate student will discuss the current status and future opportunities in mung bean breeding. An associate professor will explore the potential for relay and double cropping in Iowa.

A plant pathologist will present on the development of tools for predicting corn diseases and improving management practices. An extension specialist in digital agriculture will offer insights into the use of drones for crop spraying, field mapping, and precision agriculture.

Certified crop advisers attending the event can earn CCA credits. A morning workshop will provide additional opportunities to earn credits, focusing on reducing soil erosion and optimizing crop scouting with UAVs/drones.

The Southeast Research and Demonstration Farm, located in Crawfordsville, Iowa, will serve as the venue for this enlightening event. Farmers, agricultural professionals, and enthusiasts are encouraged to attend to gain valuable knowledge and stay updated on cutting-edge agricultural practices.

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