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Iowa Continues to Lead U.S. in Corn Production
Iowa Ag Connection - 01/13/2021

Corn for grain production in Iowa for 2020 is estimated at 2.30 billion bushels, according to the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service Crop Production 2020 Summary report.

Current year production is 11% less than the previous year's 2.58 billion bushels. Iowa has led the Nation in corn production for the last 27 consecutive years and 42 of the last 43 years. Iowa's corn for grain yield is estimated at 178 bushels per acre. Area harvested for grain is estimated at 12.9 million acres, 150,000 acres below 2019. Corn planted for all purposes in 2020 is estimated at 13.6 million acres.

Corn for silage production is estimated at 5.33 million tons, down 33% from 2019. The silage yield estimate of 20.5 tons per acre is down 1.5 tons per acre from 2019. Producers harvested 260,000 acres of corn for silage, down 28% from 2019.

Soybean production is estimated at 494 million bushels in 2020. This is down 2% from last year's 502 million bushels. The Iowa soybean crop yielded 53.0 bushels per acre in 2020. The harvested acreage of 9.32 million is up 200,000 acres from 2019. Soybean planted acreage, at 9.40 million, is also up 200,000 acres from 2019.

All hay production for the state is estimated at 3.70 million tons, up 19% from the 3.12 million tons produced in 2019. Producers averaged 3.19 tons per acre, up from 3.05 tons in 2019. All hay harvested acres are estimated at 1.16 million acres, up 140,000 acres from 2019.

Alfalfa and alfalfa mixtures for hay production is estimated at 2.91 million tons, up 22% from 2019. Producers averaged 3.50 tons per acre, up 0.10 ton from 2019. Harvested acres are up 130,000 from last year, to 830,000 acres. Iowa producers seeded 125,000 acres of new seedings of alfalfa and alfalfa mixtures in 2020, down 11% from 2019.

Other hay production is estimated at 792,000 tons, up 8% from 2019. Producers averaged 2.40 tons per acre, up 0.10 ton per acre from the 2019 yield. Harvested acres of other hay, at 330,000, are up 10,000 acres from the 2019 acres.

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