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USDA aids dairy producers against H5N1 spread

USDA aids dairy producers against H5N1 spread

By Jamie Martin

In response to the detection of H5N1 in dairy cattle, USDA expands its support for producers with additional financial assistance options. Beyond compensating affected herds, USDA now offers aid for biosecurity planning and implementation, covering veterinary costs for sample collection, and offsetting shipping costs for influenza A testing.

Producers, whether their herds have tested positive for H5N1 or not, can receive up to $1,500 per premises for developing and implementing biosecurity plans. Additionally, USDA will reimburse veterinary costs up to $2,000 per premises for sample collection for H5N1 testing. Offset shipping costs for influenza A testing at NAHLN labs will also be covered, not exceeding $50 per shipment for up to 2 shipments per month.

Producers with H5N1-affected herds, USDA announces compensation measures for the loss of milk production. Eligible producers will soon receive payments through the Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honey Bees, and Farm-raised Fish Program (ELAP), compensating at 90 percent of lost production per cow for a specified period, retroactive to the date of confirmation of positive herd status.

The U.S. government, through USDA, is working with urgency to contain the spread of H5N1. It collaborates closely with federal partners at FDA for milk safety and with CDC for public health measures. By offering financial aid and compensation, USDA aims to support dairy producers, safeguard herds, and mitigate economic losses.

Photo Credit: usda

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