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Protect Iowa cattle from avian influenza

Protect Iowa cattle from avian influenza

By Andi Anderson

Avian influenza, known as HPAI, has been identified in dairy cattle across nine states, yet Iowa remains unaffected. This virus, initially found in wild birds, primarily spreads through the movement of dairy cattle and during milking processes, as explained by Grant Dewell, extension beef veterinarian at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

HPAI has not been detected in beef cattle, likely because the disease primarily affects the mammary glands. Infected cows show symptoms like decreased appetite and milk production, along with abnormalities in the milk itself. Dewell advises contacting a veterinarian immediately if HPAI is suspected in your herd.

Currently, there is no specific treatment for HPAI in cattle, but supportive care can aid recovery. Also, no vaccine exists for this disease in the U.S. Although rare, the virus has affected cats and even humans in isolated cases, but the risk to human health remains low. Protective measures including gloves, coveralls, and eye protection are recommended for individuals interacting with potentially infected animals.

Dewell stresses the importance of stringent biosecurity practices for beef producers. These include limiting wild bird access to cattle areas and avoiding the use of unpasteurized dairy products in beef herds. Additionally, newly acquired cattle should be isolated from the main herd for at least 21 days to prevent potential disease transmission.

By adhering to these guidelines, Iowa's cattle producers can continue to protect their herds from the threat of HPAI, safeguarding both animal and public health.

Photo Credit -iowa-state-university

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