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New specialists join Iowa farm management

New specialists join Iowa farm management

Experienced Duo to Enhance Farming Support in Iowa

By Andi Anderson

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has strengthened its farm business management team by welcoming two new field specialists, Joseph Lensing and Eric Weuve, who joined in May.

Lensing will focus on a 12-county region in northeast Iowa, while Weuve will cover 12 counties in north central Iowa.

Joseph Lensing, succeeding Melissa O’Rourke who retired last year, brings a rich background in both farming and Ag-related financial management.

“Joseph Lensing is a home-grown farm management specialist from northeast Iowa. His experiences with SilverEdge Cooperative and NYLIFE Securities translate into working knowledge of on-farm production and finance issues,” shared Chad Hart, an extension grain markets specialist.

Eric Weuve fills the vacancy left by Kelvin Leibold. Weuve, a seasoned agriculture educator from Northwest Missouri State University, offers extensive knowledge in ag education.

“Eric Weuve is also a known commodity in north central Iowa. Given his wealth of experience teaching agriculture at the college level, Eric provides a broad base of agricultural knowledge for producers in the area,” Hart explained.

Both Lensing and Weuve are deeply rooted in agriculture, managing their family farms and engaging in local agricultural activities.

Lensing, an Upper Iowa University graduate, partners with his family in Fayette County to grow crops and rear beef cattle. Weuve, involved in farming corn and soybeans with his father near McCallsburg, has been an ag educator since 2006, most recently at Ellsworth Community College.

Their roles are important in delivering research-based solutions and practical advice to local farmers.

Lensing expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I want to be a factually based, objective provider of advice. I pride myself on truth and honesty and with all the research that Iowa State conducts, it’s very important that this gets into the hands of people who can benefit – in Iowa and across the globe.”

Weuve is driven by a passion to support farmers of all backgrounds, emphasizing his commitment to aiding those at various stages of their farming careers.

With these new additions, Iowa State University aims to further enhance the effectiveness and reach of its farm management support, ensuring that Iowa's farmers continue to thrive in a competitive agricultural environment.

Photo Credit: iowa-state-university

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