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Nominate an Iowa master farmer for 2025

Nominate an Iowa master farmer for 2025

By Andi Anderson

The Iowa Master Farmer Award recognizes outstanding achievement in agriculture and community involvement.

Established in 1926, the award honors farmers who exemplify "Good Farming, Clear Thinking, Right Living." Nominations for the 2025 award are open until September 13, 2024.

Anyone can nominate a deserving farmer, including family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues. Self-nominations are also welcome. The selection committee considers nominees' agricultural production records, land management practices, and community involvement.

Nominees must be actively involved in production agriculture and derive their primary income from farming within Iowa. They should demonstrate strong leadership and a commitment to their families and communities.

The nomination package includes a form and letters of support highlighting the nominee's achievements. Applications should showcase the farm's growth and history, focusing on accomplishments rather than financial details.

Successful nominations emphasize the nominee's contributions to the local community, state, and national agricultural organizations. Letters of support, including one from a neighboring farmer, provide valuable insights into the nominee's character and reputation.

Winning the Master Farmer Award is a prestigious honor. To create a strong application, start early and gather detailed information about the nominee's career and community contributions.

The well-rounded nominee excels in both agricultural production and community service.

The nomination form can be downloaded online. Completed applications with letters of support should be submitted to by September 13.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-nicexray

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