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Kipster announces breakthrough in US egg farming - End to male chick culling

Kipster announces breakthrough in US egg farming - End to male chick culling

By Jamie Martin

Kipster, known for its commitment to animal welfare and sustainable farming practices, announces a groundbreaking development in US egg farming. The adoption of in-ovo sexing technology represents a major step forward in addressing the ethical and environmental challenges associated with male chick culling in the egg production process.

In-ovo sexing technology enables Kipster to determine the sex of chick embryos during incubation, effectively preventing the hatching of male chicks. This innovative approach reflects Kipster's dedication to promoting animal welfare and minimizing waste within its farm system.

The US egg industry currently faces significant criticism for its practice of culling millions of male chicks each year. Kipster's decision to embrace in-ovo sexing technology demonstrates its commitment to leading the industry towards a more humane and sustainable future.

Despite initial challenges, including infrastructure limitations and market constraints, Kipster remains steadfast in its mission to drive positive change in the egg farming sector. Through innovation and collaboration, Kipster aims to inspire other producers to adopt similar practices and prioritize animal welfare.

The introduction of in-ovo sexing technology has received praise from animal welfare advocates and industry leaders alike. By taking proactive steps to eliminate male chick culling, Kipster sets a new standard for ethical egg production in the US, paving the way for a more sustainable and compassionate future.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-chubarovy

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