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House farm bill eyes biobased products for a sustainable future

House farm bill eyes biobased products for a sustainable future

By Jamie Martin

Biobased products are emerging as a key focus for U.S. agriculture, with lawmakers proposing amendments to the farm bill to bolster this sustainable alternative.

A bipartisan amendment aimed to improve the USDA's Biorefinery Assistance Program by creating grants for building and expanding biorefineries. Proponents argue that "bureaucratic red tape" has limited program effectiveness, and these grants would unlock its potential. Biorefineries convert renewable biomass into valuable products.

Another withdrawn amendment addressed biobased product labeling. The goal was for the USDA to establish clearer labeling standards, promoting consumer confidence and boosting sales of these sustainable options.

Lawmakers emphasized the economic benefits for farmers. Biobased products create new markets for agricultural products, while bioprocessing facilities like the Integrated Bioprocessing and Research Lab at the University of Illinois showcase the potential for innovation.

These proposed amendments highlight the growing interest in biobased products as a sustainable and economically beneficial future for U.S. agriculture.

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