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House Ag committee progresses farm bill

House Ag committee progresses farm bill

By Jamie Martin

The House Agriculture Committee achieved a significant milestone in the legislative process by successfully marking up a new farm bill. The bill, titled the Farm, Food, and National Security Act of 2024, received bipartisan support during the markup session.

Joe Gilson, director of government affairs for the American Farm Bureau, highlighted the collaborative effort behind the bill's passage. Despite the challenges presented by the crowded congressional calendar, Gilson expressed optimism about the bill's prospects.

With the legislation now headed to the House floor for further debate and consideration, attention shifts to the timing of the vote. Gilson acknowledged the tight margins in both chambers of Congress and the upcoming fall elections as factors that could impact the bill's progress.

However, he remained hopeful that the bipartisan support demonstrated in the committee would continue to drive momentum for the bill's passage. As stakeholders anticipate further developments, the farm bill remains a focal point of discussion within the agricultural community.

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