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Iowa Learning Farms Webinar: Food-Energy-Water Nexus Modeling for Iowa
Iowa Ag Connection - 09/15/2023

The Iowa Learning Farms (ILF) conservation webinar taking place Sep. 20 at noon CDT will feature Júlia Brittes Tuthill, Ph.D. student at Iowa State University. Brittes Tuthill is part of the Iowa Food-Energy-Water Systems (IFEWs) research group at Iowa State University that is developing an Iowa Food-Energy-Water simulation model. She is helping to create the model database and develop a visualization tool to observe the relationship between agricultural products (food, feed, biofuels) and water quality.

In the webinar, “Using Data to Understand the Connections in the Iowa Food-Energy-Water Nexus,” Brittes Tuthill will provide an overview of the purpose and structure of a comprehensive Food, Energy and Water (FEW) nexus model for the state of Iowa which addresses the intricate relationships between agricultural production and nutrient pollution. She will also discuss progress on a data visualization tool which is being developed to depict the interconnections between various subsystems and their spatial-temporal variations, providing insights into the impact of nutrient pollution locally and throughout the Mississippi-Atchafalaya Basin. Brittes Tuthill will also discuss ways in which the model and visualizations can deliver decision making assistance to stakeholders.


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