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USDA Invests $69.2 Million to Modernize Rural Iowa Communities
Iowa Ag Connection - 08/06/2020

The U.S, Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing $69.2 million to modernize critical drinking water and wastewater infrastructure for rural Iowa communities.

"Access to safe, efficient, and reliable rural water and wastewater infrastructure is a vital component of rural prosperity in Iowa and across the nation, and we are excited that these key USDA investments will expand that access," said Grant Menke, state dDirector of USDA Rural Development in Iowa. "USDA Rural Development remains strongly committed to working with rural Iowa communities to provide affordable, long-term financing for their drinking water, wastewater, and storm water improvement needs."

USDA is investing in eight projects in Iowa through the Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant Program. Investments include:

- Southern Iowa Rural Water Association (SIRWA) will utilize a $53.6 million loan to construct a 6.0 million gallons per day (MGD) water treatment plant, transmission main piping, a new elevated storage tank, and other improvements needed to provide potable water to its rural water service area from the new treatment facility. This will help improve the quality of life for many rural residents.

- The City of Adel will use a $4.7 million loan and a $1.3 million grant to improve its current drinking water system, which includes the replacement of the existing ground storage reservoir at the water treatment plant, a newly finished water pumping station, a newly finished water main to convey finished water to the high pressure zone of the distribution system, along with other related improvements.

- The City of Mondamin will benefit from a $2.2 million loan and a $988,000 grant to construct two new municipal water supply wells, a new treatment plant, and piping improvements. Funds will also be used to assist with the cost of installing new water meters.

- The City of Soldier will utilize an $837,000 loan and a $1.7 million grant to make improvements to its existing water system. These improvements include the construction of a new well, filtration system, backup power generator, water tower, and water meters.

- The City of Henderson will use a $736,000 loan and a $1.1 million grant for the construction of a new well, a new filtration system, and a new water tower. Improvements will also be made to the water distribution system and all new radio head water meters will be purchased.

- The City of Ute will benefit from a $951,000 loan and a $60,000 grant to construct a new single pedestal water tower, replace and upgrade water mains throughout the city, miscellaneous distribution looping and up-sizing, and adding a backup generator and transfer switch to the water treatment plant.

- The City of Dougherty will utilize a $280,000 loan and a $555,000 grant to construct a new community sanitary sewer collection and treatment facility. This new facility would be comprised of a pressure collection system and stabilization ponds. This project will ensure the city meets health and sanitary standards.

- The City of Princeton will use a $251,000 loan to provide additional funding on the project to drill a new water well located by Water Tower #2. The addition of this well will increase the efficiency of the water tower and will allow it to be used at full capacity.

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