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West Lake Water Level to Drop Ahead of Restoration
Iowa Ag Connection - 07/11/2019

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources will start lowering the water level at Lake of the Hills, Railroad Lake, Lambach Lake and Bluegrass Lake at West Lake Park on July 15 as part of a lake restoration project to improve water quality and recreational opportunities.

Relaxed fishing regulations will continue until Aug. 1.

West Lake Park lakes will be under construction through 2020. Excess sediment will be removed from the lakes, shorelines will be stabilized and new fish habitat structures will be added.

Lake of the Hills is currently listed on the State's list of Impaired Waters due to high levels of algae. The overall goal of this restoration project is to improve water quality and recreational opportunities at West Lake Park and remove the lake from the Impaired Waters List.

West Lake Park is a very popular local recreational destination, hosting thousands of campers each year, and receiving over a 1/2 million visitors each year. The park is also home to local and national disc golf championships and the Quad Cities Triathlon. Park improvements are expected to increase visitation at the lake and provide better recreational opportunities to visitors.

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