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Webinar: Comparing Injection Sites in Commercial Pullets
Iowa Ag Connection - 02/18/2020

The Iowa Poultry Association announced that its webinar for February is "Comparison of Four Injection Sites for SE Bacterin Vaccine in Commercial Pullets" presented by Katie Schlist, DVM and Director of Animal Health and Welfare, Forsman Farms

In the Feb. 21 webinar, Dr. Schlist will share her study, in which they compared four groups of commercially raised W-36 pullets, each group injected in a different muscle group with the Se bacterin or "killed" vaccine, to see if there were differences in injection site reaction, weight change, or antibody titer in the 5 weeks following the vaccine and at two ages during lay.

Please register for the 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. webinar by going to https://bit.ly/323Weex.

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