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Benton Co. Non-Irrigated Cropland Tops $273 per Acre
Iowa Ag Connection - 09/11/2017

Non-irrigated cropland cash rent averaged $231.00 per acre in Iowa during 2017, down $4.00 from 2016 according to the latest report released by USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Pasture rented for cash averaged $54.00 per acre, up $2.00 from the previous year.

Benton County had the highest cash rent for non-irrigated cropland, at $273.00 per acre, followed by Bremer County, at $270.00 per acre. Grundy, Sioux, Cherokee and Plymouth also had non-irrigated cropland cash rental rates of $260.00 or higher. Lucas County, at $144.00 per acre, had the lowest average cash rent for non-irrigated cropland.

The highest published pasture cash rent was in Harrison County, at $86.00 per acre followed by Montgomery, at $80.50 per acre. Mills, Fremont, Page and Sioux also had pasture cash rental rates of $70.00 per acre or higher.

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