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Daisy Brand Invests $626.5M in Iowa Expansion

Daisy Brand Invests $626.5M in Iowa Expansion

By Andi Anderson

Daisy Brand LLC, the foremost manufacturer and largest brand of sour cream and cottage cheese in the U.S., is expanding its operations to Boone, Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds announced today. The surge in demand for the company's products has necessitated the establishment of an additional manufacturing facility.

The ambitious expansion plan entails an investment of $626.5 million in a sprawling 750,000 square foot facility. Initially, the project is set to create 106 new jobs, with expectations to increase to 255 as demand escalates. The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) board has approved $7 million in direct financial assistance, along with tax benefits for the company, underscoring the state's commitment to fostering economic growth.

Governor Reynolds lauded Daisy Brand's investment as a testament to Iowa's stature as a manufacturing powerhouse and its reputation for providing a conducive environment for business growth. With a substantial presence of food manufacturers in the state and a thriving dairy industry, Iowa's synergy with Daisy Brand is evident. The decision to expand into Iowa was influenced by the state's agricultural resources, favorable business climate, and strategic location.

Daisy Brand, a fifth-generation family-owned company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, expressed enthusiasm for becoming part of the Iowa community. The expansion into Boone aligns with the company's mission to deliver quality dairy products and support its customers.

Debi Durham, director of the IEDA and Iowa Finance Authority, emphasized the significance of partnerships in driving economic development. Daisy Brand's investment exemplifies the collaborative efforts between communities, companies, and the state, promising future growth and prosperity for Boone and Iowa at large.

Daisy Brand's substantial investment in Iowa underscores the state's appeal as a destination for businesses seeking growth opportunities. The expansion project not only creates jobs but also strengthens Iowa's position as a hub for manufacturing excellence in the food industry.

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