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ISU Student Earns Goldwater Scholarship

ISU Student Earns Goldwater Scholarship

By Andi Anderson

Emma Alstott, a student at Iowa State University, has achieved a remarkable milestone by being selected for the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship. Hailing from Fort Dodge, Alstott is pursuing a degree in global resource systems and horticulture, demonstrating exceptional dedication and academic prowess.

Alstott's journey to this accolade was nothing short of remarkable. After participating in a preliminary competition at the college level, she was chosen as a campus representative—an honor in itself. However, her excitement soared when she learned of her selection at the national level, a testament to her outstanding achievements.

Her academic journey has been enriched by various experiences, including study abroad trips to Kosovo and Greece. The Sister City exchange program in Kosovo played a pivotal role in shaping her academic interests and career aspirations. Additionally, her recent educational immersion in Greece provided a comprehensive learning experience, covering horticultural sciences, Greek language, and culture.

The Goldwater Scholarship not only recognizes Alstott's academic excellence but also supports her educational endeavors. Covering tuition, fees, books, and room-and-board expenses, the scholarship underscores the significance of her achievements.

Named after the late U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater, the scholarship celebrates outstanding students like Alstott who demonstrate exceptional promise in their fields of study.

As Emma Alstott continues her academic journey at ISU, her remarkable achievements serve as an inspiration to fellow students and aspiring scholars. Her dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence exemplify the spirit of academic achievement and innovation.

Photo Credit: Iowa State University

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