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Iowa Pork Industry Center celebrates second year of webinar series

Iowa Pork Industry Center celebrates second year of webinar series

By Andi Anderson

The Iowa Pork Industry Center is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its successful webinar series. This initiative was created in response to producers’ questions and their desire to learn more about specific topics related to swine production.

The webinar series covers various topics, including swine buildings, nutrition, and reproduction. Each session is designed to provide an in-depth presentation with supporting slides to enhance viewer learning. Center Director Laura Greiner emphasized that the program is driven by the needs and interests of producers and other stakeholders.

"This program is all about meeting producer and stakeholder needs," says Laura Greiner, Center Director. "Producers requested more details on specific topics, and we delivered."

Starting a new program can be challenging, and organizers were cautious about overwhelming viewers with too much content. They decided that a monthly webinar would be the ideal frequency to maintain interest without causing information fatigue.

"We weren't sure about the ideal frequency," explains Greiner. "Our goal was to provide valuable information while giving producers time to absorb and implement it between sessions."

Greiner herself kicked off the series with a two-part exploration of the pig microbiome. She highlights the rewarding experience of fulfilling a clear community need.

The first year covered diverse topics like contract swine barn valuation, boar fertility testing, and sow management under California's Proposition 12. Many presenters were Iowa State University (ISU) experts, sharing their latest research with the audience.

"We want to connect our producers with new ISU research and showcase our swine expertise," said Greiner. "With over 90 ISU faculty and staff focused on swine production, health, welfare, and research, we have a wealth of knowledge to share."

These free webinars are held from noon to 1 pm. Registration is required, and the pork industry center's webinars page provide links to register and access past recordings.

"We value our viewers' feedback," said Greiner. "Our goal is to serve the needs of producers, keeping them competitive and lifelong learners."

This year, IPIC will have a suggestion box at Iowa Swine Day for producers to ask questions and propose future webinar topics. This feedback will also guide regional workshops, contract grower meetings, and other educational programs.

The Iowa Pork Industry Center's webinar series remains a significant resource for the swine production community, offering practical knowledge and fostering a collaborative environment for learning and advancement.

Photo Credit: istock-srdjan-stepic

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