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Iowa Farm Bureau Applauds Property Tax Cuts, Supporting Agricultural Growth
Iowa Ag Connection - 05/24/2023

The Iowa Farm Bureau is celebrating the recently implemented property tax cuts, which have been welcomed by the agricultural community. The passage of this significant legislation comes as a great relief to farmers across the state.

President Brent Johnson of the Iowa Farm Bureau highlighted the importance of the issue, particularly in light of recent property assessments. The new bill enforces a cap on local tax rates, ensuring they do not exceed six percent. This crucial provision guarantees that property taxes will not rise disproportionately in relation to assessment values, providing farmers with much-needed stability and financial respite.

Johnson also emphasized another favorable aspect of the legislation: the opportunity for local communities to have a say in decision-making. The bill allows for a public vote during the November elections, granting residents the ability to determine whether additional assessments are necessary for their local districts. This empowering provision enables farmers and their communities to shape their own future and support vital local projects.

Governor Reynolds, who signed the $100 million property tax reform legislation into law, has further expressed her commitment to addressing property taxes during the next legislative session. This dedication underscores the government's efforts to prioritize the concerns of the agricultural community and ensure a fair and supportive economic environment for farmers.

The Iowa Farm Bureau welcomes the property tax cuts as a significant step toward supporting farmers and fostering agricultural growth. These tax reductions provide a much-needed economic boost, empowering farmers and strengthening the overall prosperity of the agricultural sector.

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