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Warm temperatures and light rainfall define Iowa's week

Warm temperatures and light rainfall define Iowa's week

By Andi Anderson

During the week spanning April 8 to April 14, 2024, Iowa encountered an unseasonably warm spell, with the northern part of the state nearing temperature departures of 10 degrees above normal. The statewide average settled at 53.9 degrees, considerably higher by 7.8 degrees than typical mid-April averages. This warmth was accompanied by generally low rainfall across the state, despite active weather patterns earlier in the week.

Initial days saw multiple waves of showers and thunderstorms, influenced by a low-pressure area over Nebraska. Notably, this system spawned a weak tornado in Hamilton County and dropped sizable hail in Wright County. Rainfall was uneven, with higher totals in northwestern areas like Milford, and sparse amounts elsewhere.

The week was also marked by a significant astronomical event on Monday, a total solar eclipse, which temporarily cooled temperatures and dimmed skies. Post-eclipse, conditions warmed again, with fluctuating temperatures throughout the week under changing wind patterns.

Rainfall tapered off towards the end of the week, with areas like Davenport and Monticello receiving slightly higher totals. The weekend brought a dramatic temperature increase, with highs reaching into the 80s, far above normal for this time of year.

Precipitation was notably below average, with the state averaging only 0.18 inches compared to the usual 0.81 inches. Temperature extremes were evident, from highs nearing 90 degrees to lows in the upper 20s. These fluctuations highlight the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of spring weather in Iowa, posing both challenges and considerations for the agricultural sector.

Photo Credit: freepik-upklyak

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