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Iowa's Clean Energy Trailblazers Recognized

Iowa's Clean Energy Trailblazers Recognized

By Andi Anderson

The American Clean Power Association (ACP) and Power Up Iowa (PUI) have bestowed the title of Champions of Clean Energy upon U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, Governor Kim Reynolds, and Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) Director Debi Durham. Their commitment has steered Iowa towards diversified agricultural income, amplified tax revenues for rural areas, and fortified the state's renewable energy profile.

Governor Kim Reynolds expressed gratitude for the award, highlighting Iowa's substantial contributions to the energy sector, crediting collaboration with the legislature and esteemed research institutions for positioning Iowa as a frontrunner in renewable energy.

A recent report by ACP, the Clean Energy Powers Iowa, unveiled the remarkable impact of utility-scale clean energy ventures in the state. A staggering 61% of Iowa's energy capacity presently stems from wind and solar projects, totaling 13,278 megawatts, sufficient to power 4.2 million homes.

CEO Jason Grumet of ACP commended Iowa as a clean energy success story, lauding Senator Grassley and Governor Reynolds for their leadership, acknowledging Grassley's persistent advocacy for the synergy between clean energy and Iowa's rural and agricultural communities. Grumet also praised Governor Reynolds for showcasing the economic benefits of clean energy at both local and statewide levels. Director Durham's innovative culture has further stimulated small business growth and local investments within Iowa's clean energy economy.

This commemorative luncheon coincided with the 40th anniversary of Iowa's renewable portfolio standard and the 30th anniversary of the Wind Energy Incentives Act of 1993, authored by Senator Grassley.

Senator Chuck Grassley expressed pride in championing renewable energy and empowering farmers to diversify operations using wind and solar resources. He welcomed the recognition and pledged continued efforts to expand renewable energy opportunities across Iowa.

Projected investments indicate a soaring momentum following recent tax incentives, forecasting billions more in investments by 2030. The Iowa report underscores the thriving landscape:

  • $25 Billion – Total private sector investment in utility-scale clean energy projects today.
  • $13 Billion – Expected private sector investment by 2030 supporting Iowa's clean energy economy.
  • $73.4 Million – Annual Iowa land lease payments.
  • $61.5 Million – Yearly local and state taxes from the industry.
  • Support for nearly 5,500 jobs in Iowa's clean energy sector.

Des Moines Area Community College President Rob Denson hailed these leaders, emphasizing their role in driving economic development, energy independence, and high-paying careers for graduates within the renewable energy domain. As the industry flourishes, so does Iowa's prosperity.


Photo Credit: pexels-puwadon-sang-ngern

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