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Iowa crop progress - steady gains despite weather challenges

Iowa crop progress - steady gains despite weather challenges

By Andi Anderson

According to a recent report by the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service, Iowa experienced another productive week in agriculture for the period ending June 16, 2024.

The state enjoyed 5.6 days suitable for fieldwork due to mostly dry weather and warm temperatures, which helped advance key farming activities.

Farmers in Iowa were busy with the final stages of corn and soybean planting, alongside replanting efforts where necessary. The week was spent cutting hay and spraying crops, tasks made easier by the favorable weather conditions.

Despite some isolated rain showers, the overall lack of moisture has not significantly hindered progress.

The topsoil moisture in Iowa was largely adequate with 77 percent of the land having enough moisture, while subsoil moisture conditions were similar.

This adequate moisture has supported strong crop growth, particularly for corn which has now 95 percent emerged and is rated 74 percent good to excellent.

Soybeans are also showing strong growth with 86 percent emergence, though slightly behind schedule compared to previous years.

Oats have been doing well, with 74 percent of the crop headed and 19 percent beginning to turn color, pacing ahead of the five-year average. Oats' condition is notably robust, rated 81 percent good to excellent.

The first cutting of alfalfa hay is nearly complete, albeit slightly behind last year’s progress, with 89 percent of the cutting done and the hay condition rated highly at 80 percent good to excellent.

Pastures too are thriving with a 75 percent good to excellent rating, though some cattle feedlots have been reported as muddy, indicating some localized issues.

As Iowa farmers continue to navigate the growing season, the overall health and progress of crops are promising. The agricultural community remains optimistic as they work through the challenges and opportunities the season presents, aiming for successful yields and efficient farming operations.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-tlillico

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