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Bayer ventures into strawberry business
USAgNet - 09/22/2023

Bayer, a global name in crop science, has broadened its horizons into the strawberry realm. This move came with the acquisition of assets from the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) located in the UK. The deal paves the way for Bayer’s Crop Science Division to tap into the protected strawberry market, offering growers advanced strawberry varieties.

Inci Dannenberg, who leads Bayer’s Vegetables business, highlights strawberries as a fruit sensation, witnessing demand outpacing supply. It's evident in sales too, as strawberries claim over 23% of fresh fruit sales.

NIAB has deep roots in strawberry research, spanning over four decades at its East Malling Research Station in Kent County. Mario Caccamo, NIAB’s CEO, expressed pride in this legacy and is optimistic about the global reach and innovation Bayer promises.

The protective cropping approach means growers gain greater control over factors like pests, diseases, and the environment. This method not only ensures quality, but also longer shelf life as produce grows nearer to consumers.

Bayer's focus isn’t just on strawberries. JD Rossouw, at Bayer’s Crop Science Division, emphasizes the firm’s prowess in precision breeding. By merging these advanced techniques with NIAB's foundational work, they aim to present the world with superior strawberries.

This berry exciting venture is set to be finalized by January 1, 2024.

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