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AFBF advocates for fair dairy pricing
USAgNet - 09/21/2023

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) took center stage on this issue. They're speaking up for farmers and everyone who loves a glass of milk or a slice of cheese.

AFBF's Danny Munch talked about how dairy processors figure out the cost to turn milk into products like cheese and butter. This is called 'make allowances.' This price affects how much farmers get for their milk.

AFBF wants these 'make allowances' to be based on a checked and official survey by USDA. But here's the thing - the USDA says they can't do this survey right now. So, AFBF is asking for new rules that would let USDA carry out this important task. They believe this would be way better than relying on optional surveys that might not be so accurate.

AFBF's idea is to have a pricing system that's fair to everyone – from farmers to consumers. They believe that when prices are set right, it's good for the whole dairy market. And when it's not? Well, that can cause some problems.

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