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Midwest Governors Sign Agreement to Combat Flooding
USAgNet - 01/27/2020

Governor Laura Kelly of Kansas, Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa, Governor Mike Parson of Missouri, and Governor Pete Ricketts of Nebraska and announced that they had signed a new Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in response to historic flooding along the Missouri River.

"Ten months after flooding began, our states are still working to recover and rebuild because of the historic scale of the natural disaster," said Ricketts. "Moving forward, we want to see people and communities put first when managing the Missouri River. Thank you to Governor Kelly, Governor Parson, and Governor Reynolds for your collaboration, and I look forward to working together to implement solutions that keep our communities safe."

"The year 2019 proved to be historic when it came to flooding and the Missouri River," said Kelly. "Unfortunately, we have seen an increasing frequency of damage over the last 10 to 15 years. The local land and business owners in the lower four states of the Missouri Basin have experienced the bulk of the damage. The states must take a more active role in working toward solutions that limit future damages. I'm happy to join Governor Ricketts, Governor Parson, and Governor Reynolds in this important effort and partnership."

"All of our states have been heavily impacted by flooding this year, and we must work together to be more prepared for the future," said Parson. "Our citizens cannot continue to risk their lives, homes, livestock, and futures on a flood-control system that is insufficient to protect them. I look forward to continue working with Governor Kelly, Governor Reynolds, and Governor Ricketts to share ideas and identify regional flood control solutions."

"The Missouri River is a vital resource that affects the well-being of the entire region and we must be prepared for the upcoming snow melt," said Reynolds. "By working together as a regional group of governors we can put forth comprehensive solutions that improve current recovery while also preparing for the future. I want to thank Governor Ricketts, Governor Parson, and Governor Kelly for partnering with Iowa to find comprehensive solutions that work for the entire region."

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